Crown Agencies and Board Resourcing Office

The Crown Agencies and Board Resourcing Office (CABRO) is responsible for Public Sector Organization (PSO) governance support. CABRO co-ordinates the legislated performance and reporting annual cycle for Crown Corporations under the Budget Transparency and Accountability Act, oversees the recruitment and recommendation of candidates for appointments to Crown corporations, agencies, boards and commissions, and provides public sector governance advice and training.

Public sector organization appointments

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Foundational training for BC public sector appointees

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Training for public sector appointees

Strategic alignment

Strategic alignment with government priorities and policy objectives is crucial to the success of public sector organizations. CABRO coordinates the processes for Ministry and Crown service plans and annual service plan reports, as well as the process for Crown Mandate Letters to be issued by Responsible Ministers - all of which are designated to facilitate strategic alignment with government's priorities. 

Corporate governance (Governing in the Public Interest)

CABRO supports public sector organizations by:

  • Cultivating strong citizen-centered governance
  • Strengthening public sector organization governance, policies, principles and strategic planning
  • Serving as a central source of information about public sector governance, reporting and relationships with government
  • Providing public sector board and executive orientation, resources and professional development
  • Facilitating inter-ministry communication and leading public sector related initiatives among ministries, central agencies, the broader public sector and independent offices of the Legislature
  • Supporting engagement, collaboration and shared initiatives among public sector organizations
  • Ensuring B.C.'s public sector boards of directors are strong and reflect the diversity of our province, and are composed of qualified and dedicated people


To ensure accountability to citizens, CABRO promotes best practices and guiding principles across public sector organizations, including performance reporting principles for the public sector.

CABRO develops and oversees policies, best practice guidelines and processes to enhance transparency, strengthen accountability and improve the effectiveness of public sector management.

CABRO is also responsible for establishing best practice guidelines for appointees to public sector organizations and coordinating the B.C. public sector organization board appointment process. By acting as a central resource, they help raise the standards of good governance and ethical conduct for public sector organization boards.