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British Columbia’s agencies, boards and commissions (ABCs), also known as Public Sector Organizations (PSOs) were created to deliver programs and services on behalf of the B.C. government. They include:

  • Public post-secondary institutions
  • Health authorities
  • Advisory boards
  • Tribunals
  • Service Delivery Crown Corporations (e.g. BC Housing)
  • Commercial Crown Corporations (e.g. BC Hydro and ICBC)

People from all regions of our province are invited to help renew B.C.’s public sector boards. Strong boards that reflect the diversity of British Columbia will help achieve effective and citizen-centered governance.


People with applicable skills from all regions of British Columbia are invited to contribute. Women, visible minorities, Indigenous Peoples, persons with disabilities, persons of diverse sexual orientation, gender identity or expression (LGBTQ2S+), and others are encouraged to put their names forward for appointments.

Consideration will be given to individuals with a broad range of backgrounds in community, labour and business environments. The selection process will recognize lived experience and volunteer roles as well as paid employment and academic achievements.

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