Government Communications & Public Engagement (GCPE)

Who we are

Our organization includes professionals with experience and education in government, media, corporate communications, citizen engagement, service design and web development.

What we do

GCPE’s primary role is to inform the public about government programs, services, policies and priorities through traditional communication practices and, increasingly, through direct engagement and online services.

Featured Services

  • Communications Services: We want to ensure you know about programs, policies, and services that affect you – and communicate developments on these fronts through a variety of communication products, directly to media outlets throughout the province.

  • Corporate Online Services: We directly support the B.C. government’s overall online presence and are responsible for the maintenance and ongoing evolution of which now has better ways to access the information you need most.

  • Digital Communications: The digital communications team manages and promotes the provincial government’s social media channels and helps maintain the BCGov News site.

  • Citizen EngagementThe B.C. government puts an emphasis on involving citizens in programs and policies that impact their lives. The Citizen Engagement team works with ministries to listen to the public. The information gathered is then used to improve those services. Visit govTogetherBC to find out more.

  • Service Design & Transformation: Our team of specialists work to design simple and straightforward services that matter to you, and they are changing the way you interact and engage with the B.C. government.

  • Marketing Services: Our professionals set policies and procedures relating to government’s communications services, marketing materials, and paid advertising.

  • Graphic Design Services: Our experts create print and online publications, event displays, visual presentations, web graphics, motion graphics, and photography. They are also the source of graphic standards in the B.C. government and authorize use of the provincial identity (B.C. logo).

  • Emergency Communications: We work with Emergency Management BC and local authorities to help communicate pertinent updates and information to the public through the media, social media and community information channels during disasters such as floods, wildfires, earthquakes, and avalanches.

  • Ministry Communications Offices: Each ministry is assigned a communications office by GCPE that provides support and services such as strategic communications advice and planning, media relations, issues management, event planning, news releases and speech writing.

  • Media Relations: Our round-the-clock media-relations team provides support for government events, announcements, and activities.

  • Writing & Editorial Services: We focus on providing speechwriting, research, editing services, and government-wide news release distribution.

  • Event Planning: Our events services team organizes provincial government media events to promote awareness of programs, policies and services.

  • Media Monitoring: We track breaking news stories in British Columbia, Canada, and around the world that impact our province.

Standing Offers

GCPE also administers Standing Offers for all ministries in the following areas:

Communications and Public Engagement: Core Policy