Provincial Treasury

Provincial Treasury looks after the Province's borrowing and financing needs, and manages banking and cash. Their services are extended to B.C. government ministries, Crown corporations and some public sector agencies.

Banking & Cash Management

Provincial Treasury is responsible for the banking infrastructure and services that enable government to complete financial transactions with citizens, customers, vendors and employees. They provide payment processing services to B.C. government ministries and some public sector agencies, as well as maintain security and compliance standards for financial transactions.

Provincial Treasury also manages the cash and investments of the Consolidated Revenue Fund. Ministries can access internal banking and cash management resources (government access only).

Debt Management

Provincial Treasury borrows money to meet the financial requirements of the public sector at the least cost and risk, as well as manages the liability portfolio. See an overview of the Province's debt, borrowing programs and credit ratings.

Risk Management

Resident in Provincial Treasury are the Government Chief Risk Office and Government Security Office, central agencies for ministries and broader public sector.