Government Security Office

The Government Security Office is resident in the Risk Management Branch. It is the office of the Chief Security Officer and is the central agency responsible for the management and coordination of security and loss prevention for the B.C. government. It leads and supports ministries as they develop mandatory security strategies, including policy, for the provision of:

  • Security awareness
  • Appropriate physical and operational asset protection
  • Technical assistance with investigations related to breaches of security

The Government Security Office develops and implements security policy and programs to support the delivery of core government services. The Office applies leading-edge, all-hazard risk management principles to ensure that security mitigation strategies are proportional and appropriate to the risks being managed.

The Government Security Office co-leads the government-wide workplace violence prevention and assessment team known as Targeted Threats of Violence Management Program (TTVMP) along with the British Columbia Public Service Agency. It also consults with other central agencies and the education and health sectors, and maintains close working relationships with all stakeholders tasked with providing a safe and secure environment for the residents of British Columbia.

Chief Security Officer

The Chief Security Officer is responsible for:

  • Overall management and coordination of the B.C. government's Security Program
  • Advising and assisting ministries as they develop their security needs
  • Providing expert support for related programs, critical assets and safety of public service staff
  • Supporting the government in the provision of its core functions
  • Developing, maintaining and coordinating the government security policy, operational standards, guidelines and procedures
  • Chairing the Government Security Advisory Committee (GSAC) and Enterprise Security Risk & Resiliency Council (ESRRC)

Loss Prevention & Reporting

As the central agency responsible for loss prevention and reporting, the Government Security Office:

  • Provides ministries with guidance and tools for the prevention, detection, reporting and mitigation of losses
  • Administers the collection and analysis of loss information and provides follow-up advice to ministries
  • Assesses the need for further investigation or action in cooperation with the Comptroller General
  • Provides a monthly report and analysis of all loss incidents to the Office of the Comptroller General
  • Prepares an Annual Loss Reporting Summary and submits it to the Office of the Comptroller General and the Office of the Auditor General