Libraries and publication catalogues

A number of B.C. government document collections contain relevant environmental information.

J.T. Fyles Natural Resource Library

The J.T. Fyles Natural Resources Library links public policy-makers, researchers and professionals throughout B.C. to natural resource sector information worldwide.

Cross-Linked Information Resources (CLIR)

CLIR is a tool for searching several databases at once (EIRS, EcoCat, BCSEE, J.T. Fyles Library).

Ecological Reports Catalogue (EcoCat)

Subject areas include: aquatic species and habitat inventory; terrestrial species and habitat;  ecosystem mapping; water quality, floodplain mapping, reservoirs, ground water and vegetation and more.

Environmental Information Resources System for Biodiversity (EIRS BDP)

Many scientific government publications are available through the EIRS BDP Publication Database. Includes formal and informal publications, species and habitat reports, forest research reports and more.

Environmental Information Resources System for Environmental Protection (EIRS EPD)

Many scientific government publications related to Environmental Protection are available through the EIRS EPD Publication Database.

Other Collections

There are a number of other document collections that may have publications relevant to the environment.