Forest Biometrics

Forest biometrics is the use of statistical methods for issues relevant to forestry and forest ecology. Forest biometrics informs policy decisions such as ranking habitat for species at risk, modelling future climate change scenarios and studying the economics of forests impacted by disturbance.

Index of Pamphlet Topics [PDF 69k]

  1. Producing ASCII files with SAS [PDF 29k] 
  2. The importance of replication in Analysis of Variance [PDF 28k]
  3. ANOVA using SAS: Specifying error terms [PDF 28k]
  4. ANOVA using SAS: Specifying error terms [PDF 27k]
  5. Understanding Replication and Pseudo-replication [PDF 32k]
  6. ANOVA: using Plot means - April 1988 [PDF 36k]
  7. Logistic Regression Analysis - Model statements in PROC CATMOD [PDF 26k]
  8. Standard errors for predicted values from Multiple Regression [PDF 45k]
  9. Reading Category variables in statistics software [PDF 26k]
  10. Results of Biometrics Questionnaire [PDF 37k]
  11. Sample Sizes: for one mean [PDF 38k]
  12. Determining Polynomial Contrast Coefficients [PDF 36k]
  13. Analysis of Covariance: Comparing Adjusted Mean [PDF 49k]
  14. ANOVA: Factorial designs with a separate control [PDF 30k]
  15. Using SAS to obtain probability values for F-, t- and X2-statistics [PDF 30k]
  16. ANOVA: Contrasts viewed as t-tests [PDF 33k]
  17. What is the Design? [PDF 38k]
  18. Multiple Regression: Selecting the best subset [PDF 45k]
  19. ANOVA: Approximate or Pseudo F-tests [PDF 45k]
  20. Rearranging Raw Data Files using SAS [PDF 35k]
  21. What are Degrees of Freedom? - August 1989 [PDF 37k]
  22. ANOVA: Using a hand calculator to test a one-way ANOVA [PDF 33k]
  23. ANOVA: Contrasts viewed as correlation coefficients [PDF 36k]
  24. Reading WATFILE files into SAS - February 1990 [PDF 51k]
  25. ANOVA: The Mean Within Sums of Squares as an Average Variance [PDF 38k]
  26. ANOVA: Equations for Linear and Quadratic Contrasts [PDF 41k]
  27. When the t-test and the F-test are equivalent [PDF 38k]
  28. Simple regression with replication: testing for lack of fit [PDF 44k]
  29. Simple Regression: Confidence intervals for a predicted X-value [PDF 53k]
  30. Interpretation of probability p-values [PDF 51k]
  31. ANOVA: The Linear Models behind the F-tests [PDF 67k]
  32. Analysing a split-plot in time with the proper repeated measures ANOVA [PDF 55k]
  33. Box Plots [PDF 62k]
  34. When are blocks pseudo-replicates? [PDF 53k]
  35. The Computation of Tree Shadow Lengths [PDF 87k]
  36. Contingency Tables and Log-linear Models [PDF 64k]
  37. A general description of hypothesis testing and power analysis [PDF 53k]
  38. Plotting Error Bars with SAS/GRAPH [PDF 45k]
  39. A Repeated Measures Example [PDF 53k]
  40. Finding the Expected Mean Squares and the Proper Error Terms with SAS [PDF 58k]
  41. Power Analysis and Sample Size Determination for Contingency Table Tests [PDF 57k]
  42. Labelling Curves in SAS/GRAPH [PDF 51k]
  43. Standard Error Formulas for Cluster Sampling (Unequal Cluster Sizes) [PDF 49k]
  44. What Do We Look for in a Working Plan? [PDF 39k]
  45. Calculating Contrast F-tests when SAS will not [PDF 67k]
  46. GLM: Comparing regression lines - April 1994 [PDF 45k]
  47. SAS: Adding Observations when Class Variables (e.g. species list) are Missing [PDF 40k]
  48. ANOVA: Why a fixed effect is tested by its interaction with random effect [PDF 55k]
  49. Power Analysis and Sample Sizes for Completely Randomized Designs with Subsampling [PDF 68k]
  50. Power Analysis and Sample Sizes for Randomized Block Designs with Subsampling [PDF 49k]
  51. Power Analysis and Sample/Size Calculations for CR and RB Designs with Subsampling [PDF 50k]
  52. Post-hoc Power Analysis for ANOVA F-tests [PDF 70k]
  53. Balanced Incomplete Block (BIB) Study Designs [PDF 54k]
  54. Incomplete Block Designs: Connected designs can be analysed [PDF 51k]
  55. Displaying Factor Relationships in Experiments 6 [PDF 86k]
  56. The Use of Indicator Variables in Non-linear Regression [PDF 119k]
  57. Interpreting Main Effects when a Two-way Interaction is Present [PDF 123k]
  58. On the presentation of statistical results: a synthesis [PDF 79k]
  59. ANOVA: Coefficients for contrasts and means of incomplete factorial designs [PDF 113k]
  60. MANOVA: Profile Analysis - an example using SAS [PDF 156k]
  61. ANOVA: Power of Linear Contrasts - Interpreting the Non-centrality Parameter [PDF 231k]
  62. The Box-Cox Transformation [PDF 158k]
  63. Comparing Design-based and Model-based Inference: an Introduction [PDF 276k]


Statistical Analysis System (SAS) 

Available for download is the covtest SAS macro, written by Peter Ott and described in paper 1558-2014 at the SAS Global Forum SGF