Laboratory Standards & Quality Assurance

The B.C. Field Sampling and Environmental Laboratory Manuals provide technical advice on sample collection, laboratory methods and quality assurance to facilitate best practices being applied during sampling, analysis and reporting of the data produced.

The manuals outline the standards for monitoring compliance and are an important element of the environmental protection system in B.C.

British Columbia Field Sampling Manual

This manual defines the general sampling procedures, protocols and equipment that permittees are normally expected to use when carrying out monitoring required by the Ministry of Environment.

The most recent manual, updated in October 2013, is intended for continuous monitoring and the collection of air, air-emission, water, wastewater, soil, sediment and biological samples.

British Columbia Environmental Laboratory Manual

This manual, superseding the 2013 version, is by the Ministry of Environment in cooperation with the B.C. Environmental Laboratory Technical Advisory Committee.

The manual includes new and updated methods from the 2015 edition, methods awaiting Director's approval, and methods approved by Director.

Directory of Qualified laboratories

This directory lists the qualified laboratories and the chemical analyses that they are competent to perform, as defined by the Environmental Data Quality Assurance Regulation (EDQA). Select a lab below to view its Scope of Proficiency Testing, or use the search options to find a specific lab or to find a list of labs for a specific test.

Environmental Data Quality Assurance Regulation (EDQAR)

The EDQAR is available at the following link:

An intentions paper and response form for assuring data quality for environmental regulation in B.C. are now available:

B.C. Environmental Laboratory Technical Advisory Committee (BCELTAC)

The B.C. Environmental Laboratory Technical Advisory Committee is a government-stakeholder environmental laboratory, partnership based advisory committee.

The committee functions as a technical advisory committee to the B.C. Ministry of Environment by providing guidance in developing and maintaining a comprehensive set of environmental field sampling and laboratory methods.

2019 Membership List of the BCELTAC

  • Dr. Joyce Austin - Knowledge Management Branch, B.C. Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy (ENV)
  • Dr. Heather Osachoff - Regional Operations Branch, B.C. Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy (ENV)
  • Mark Hugdahl (Chair) - ALS Environmental
  • Stephen Varisco (Vice-Chair) - Powertech Labs
  • Rick Zolkiewski - AGAT Laboratories
  • Cindy Ott - Contaminated Sites Approved Professionals (CSAP)
  • Matthew Norman - Element Materials Technology
  • Dr. Barry Loescher - Maxxam Analytics International Corp.
  • Patrick Novak - CARO Analytical Services
  • Lauretta Liem - Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC)
  • David Hope - Pacific Rim Labs
  • Dr. Curtis Eickhoff (Chair BCELTAC Sub-Committee) - Nautilus Environmental.
  • Tim Crowther (Vice-Chair BCELTAC Sub-Committee) - ALS Environmental
  • Lydia Huebler (BCELTAC Sub-Committee) - Maxxam Analytics International Corp.
  • Craig Buday (BCELTAC Sub-Committee) - Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC)

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