BC Species & Ecosystems Explorer

**NEW! BC Species & Ecosystem Explorer has recently been updated to allow combined searches for species and ecological communities.

Use the BC Species & Ecosystems Explorer to search for data and information about plants, animals and ecosystems in B.C. 

Generate lists by area, conservation status, legal designation and more.

How to Use the BC Species & Ecosystems Explorer

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Step 1: Select a "Quick Search" option (Red List, Red & Blue List, SARA List) or enter "Basic Search" criteria:

  • Species name or ecological community, or
  • Select a species or ecosystem group

Step 2: Narrow your search results by entering "Advanced Search" criteria.

Step 3: Select a "Sort Order" for your search results.

Step 4: Click the "Search" button.

Step 5: Cite CDC as a data source.

Data Sources

Find out where data for species and ecological communities comes from:

Data Updates

Every year in April or May, conservation status and taxonomy information is updated (G-Ranks, S-Ranks, B.C. List Status). The following updates are made on an as-needed basis:

  • Addition of new species or ecological communities or species or ecosystem groups
  • Taxonomic and/or name changes, including species codes
  • COSEWIC status (updates twice a year)
  • Species at Risk Act legal status
  • Distribution information (for example, forest district, biogeoclimatic zone, Ministry of Environment Region)
  • Species and ecosystem summary reports and conservation status reports
  • Mapped known locations (updated daily)

Find more information about taxonomic and status updates: