Environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring helps us to understand and respond to threats or changes to our environment.

Learn more about environmental monitoring and standards in the B.C.

Air quality monitoring

Air quality monitoring equipmentAccess current and historical data from the ambient air quality and meteorological stations throughout the province, including data from stations maintained by partnered air quality monitoring agencies.

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Learn more about air quality monitoring and data in B.C.

Climate related monitoring

Temperature graphFind information and data from various meteorological networks to use for climate change analysis and adaptation.

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Learn more about the Climate Related Monitoring Program

Snow survey information

SnowflakeSnow survey data is collected from manual and electronic environmental monitoring sites across the province.

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Learn more about the B.C. Snow Survey Program

Water quality monitoring

LakeWater is one of B.C.’s most important natural resources and must be managed appropriately to protect both human and ecosystem health.

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Water quantity monitoring

RiverSurface water and groundwater quantity are monitored throughout the province to help plan for future water use and to guard against flood or drought conditions.

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Digital systems and data tools

Digital systems and data toolsAccess data covering physical, chemical and biological analyses performed on water, air, solid waste discharges and ambient monitoring sites throughout the province.

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Laboratory standards and quality assurance

Laboratory charts and test tube

Find information about laboratory standards and quality assurance in B.C.

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