Forest Health

The objective of the Forest Health Program is to protect and manage B.C.'s forest resources from the impacts of a wide range of forest health factors which include bark beetles, defoliators, pathogens, animal damage, and abiotic factors such as wildfire damage and drought. 

The program is responsive to the influence of climate change and the threat of introduced invasive species on forests. Additionally, the program detects and mitigates problems that degrade forest health and establishes best management practices to minimize damage to B.C.'s forests.  

Identify and learn more about common forest pests: 

Assessing Forest Health Damage

View the results of forest health damage monitoring through B.C.’s annual aerial sketch mapping program:

Ground based monitoring is also conducted using sivliculture surveys and specialized pest-specific surveys.  

Monitoring information is used to assess the potential damage may have to forest resource values and identify opportunities to reduce these impacts.