Managing the job evaluation process

Learn how to get a classification for a new position or request to change an existing one. This section has resources that can help you find, create, or update a job profile.

If your inquiry or request is relating to hiring, please consider our repository of pre-approved profiles in the Job Store.Restricted Access  

Job evaluation is a formal process used to create an internal ranking of jobs within an organization. For more information, review the BC Public Service's HR policy 06 – Job evaluation (PDF, 394KB) and the videoRestricted Access explaining the principles and process of job evaluation.

A classification level is determined by analyzing a job's duties in its organizational context and comparing it to negotiated benchmark jobs within the classification plan. The classification level is linked to the salary schedule for the appropriate union/Bargaining Unit.

Bargaining Unit and Schedule A positions are assigned a grid level which has a set salary negotiated between the province and the union.

Excluded Management positions are assigned a "management band.” Each band has a salary range within which the ministry determines the salary rate for the position.

If you would like your job classification reviewed, speak with your supervisor. Review requests must be initiated by an excluded manager for a position under their authority.

Job profile writing guidelines

Managers have the option to prepare their own Job Profiles; guidelines and tips are located on the Job Store.Restricted Access You can also search the store and our inventory of pre-written and pre-classified profiles for vacant positions.

Job Store profiles cannot be used for encumbered position comparators. Job profile writing services may also be available from service operations at AskMyHR. Submit a service request using the category My Team or Organization (or) A Hiring Manager > Job Classification > Job Profile Writing.

Establish job classifications for new positions prior to hiring

Prior to advertising or making an offer of employment, a position must be reviewed and/or have an approved classification level (see the job evaluation policy).

If the job meets one of the following criteria, then the classification is pre-approved and can be posted immediately without a review.

If the job doesn't meet any of the above criteria, the position must be reviewed by Classification Services prior to beginning the hiring process.

How to request a review

Submit a service request through AskMyHR and attach the following:

When submitting an AskMyHR service request, select My Team or Organization (or) Hiring Manager > Job Classification > Classification Review.