Exclude a Position

BC Public Service positions belong to a union unless there's an agreement between the province and the appropriate union that allows a position to be excluded.


To be excluded, a position must:

  • Function as a manager with the delegated authority to suspend employees and recommend termination, and/or
  • Function in a confidential planning or advisory position in the development of policy for government, and/or
  • Function in a confidential capacity in matters related to labour relations or human resource management.

When to Request

An exclusion request should be initiated when:

  • Creating a new position that you want to exclude.
  • An existing excluded position has significantly changed.
  • An existing Bargaining Unit position has added accountabilities that may warrant exclusion.

How to Request

Exclusion requests are owned by the excluded supervisor of the position under review. The responsibility for preparing and submitting the exclusion package may be delegated.

Requests should be submitted through AskMyHR. Select My Team/Organization (or) Hiring Manager > Job Classification > Exclude a Position. Include the following attachments:

After receiving the request, a Senior LR Specialist will coach and guide you through the exclusion process.

What to Include in the Rationale

Exclusion rationales must include detailed work examples that illustrate the conflict the role has with Union membership. For example, what decisions are made, or are influenced, by the position that affects Bargaining Unit employees.

The rationale template provides further explanation of what needs to be included in the document. A Senior LR Specialist will provide expert advice and guidance on the content of the rationale in preparation for submission to the appropriate union.