Job Profile Writing Guidelines

The purpose of a job profile is to define, at a high level, the function, accountabilities and requirements of a position. Pre-approved profiles for many of the common positions in government can be found in the Job Store. When hiring for a new or vacant position, using an unaltered profile or adding to it means you don't need to submit the profile for classification review.

Submit the profile for classification review if:

  • You create a profile from scratch using the Job Profile Template (DOCX, 400KB)
  • You remove anything from the required accountabilities of a Job Store profile
  • You want to re-classify a position that's currently occupied by an employee

Sections of a Job Profile

Position Number

For an existing position, the position number should be in your organization chart. If you can't find it, contact AskMyHR for assistance by submitting a service request using the category, My Team or Organization (or) A Hiring Manager > Job Classification > Job Profile Writing.


Newly created positions that haven't used one of the pre-classified Job Store profiles need to be classified.

Work Unit

The name of your ministry, division and branch.

Job Overview

Describe the purpose of the position. This should be a concise statement that sums up the role in one or two short sentences.


Use action words to describe what the position is expected to deliver and to whom it's accountable.

Job Requirements

List the minimum qualifications—education, experience, knowledge, skills and abilities—the applicant needs to possess and any special requirements of the job. Credentials that aren't absolutely mandatory should include an "or equivalent" statement to accommodate qualified candidates who have taken alternate career development paths.

Behavioural Competencies

These are the qualities the applicant needs to be successful in the position. Browse the Index of Competencies.