Work-related Expenses & Allowances

Learn more about financial assistance and reimbursements available for job-related expenses.

Travel Expenses

Reasonable travel expenses are reimbursed while travelling on government business away from your normal work location. Find out what’s covered and how to claim expenses before you travel.

Education & Training Support 

Financial support is available for you to participate in required training, job-related courses, conferences and other educational activities that will help enhance job skills. 

Licenses & Certificates

If you have received a license or credential that is required for your job, you may be eligible for a reimbursement, allowance or bonus.

Health & Welfare Allowance (Auxiliary Employees)

In lieu of health and welfare benefits, auxiliary employees receive a compensation allowance of $0.74 per working hour up to a maximum of $51.80 per biweekly pay period.

Work-required Clothing

Employees need to be comfortable and safe while on the job. Special clothing or safety equipment required for some jobs are covered by reimbursement or provided by the employer. 

Working in Isolated Areas

If you work in a remote part of the province you may be eligible for a special allowance


Need to relocate because you’ve won a public service job in a different city? We’ll help pay for your move.  

Child Care Expenses

Reimbursement is offered when additional child care expenses are incurred as a result of being away from headquarters or working outside of regular scheduled hours. Between $30 to $60 per day is available, depending on your employee group. Check your employment conditions and agreements.

Medical & Dental Travel Allowance

If travel is required to receive medical or dental treatment for you or your family, employees are entitled to accommodation and travel expenses up to a maximum of $500 per calendar year. A statement from a qualified medical or dental practitioner may be required to confirm treatment could not be provided at your place of residence.

Executive Vehicle Allowance

Deputy ministers and associate deputy ministers are provided with a government-leased vehicle with a maximum monthly lease payment of $625, or a vehicle allowance of $580 per month.

Private Vehicle Damage

If your vehicle is damaged while being used for government business you will be reimbursed the lesser of either the actual vehicle damage repair cost or your vehicle insurance deductible to a maximum of $600. Submit a claim here.

Personal Property Damage

On request and with reasonable notice we can provide a secure space for you to store personal possessions, wallets and/or purses when at your worksite. In the event that your work-related personal possessions are damaged by a person in the care or custody of the province, we’ll pay up to a maximum of $150 to replace it. This provision doesn’t apply to articles of clothing or eyewear.

Environmental Technical & Operational Employee Allowances

Field crews and mobile employees have special allowances for working away from headquarters. 

Transportation on Termination

If you are discharged from work while away from headquarters or temporary headquarters, you will be paid for transportation costs and travel time to your point of hire or residence within the province, whichever is less.


For employees based in Victoria, limited government-administered employee parking is available. Learn more about rates, location and applying for a space in Victoria. For other locations, you will need to contact your ministry facilities coordinator to inquire if any designated government-administered parking is available for employees.