Short-term staffing options

Last updated on April 3, 2024

These hiring options are intended for work limited to a short-term project, or work that isn't expected to be continuous.

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Auxiliary appointment

Auxiliary appointments are for a temporary period and for work that isn't ongoing.

Temporary appointment

A temporary appointment can fill a vacant position temporarily and complete a project that has a set end date.

It can cover seasonal or relief work, a new position that has been created in response to changing business requirements, and provide an opportunity for staff to gain new skills and experience.

This also includes posting an immediate temporary appointment, but identifying that the vacancy is likely to become permanent.

One posting can address both scenarios.


Substitution ensures that short-term work opportunities are filled efficiently and effectively and that designated employees are remunerated for additional duties at a higher level.

Project employees

Using a project employee provides an alternate means of undertaking 'time-limited' project work.

There's specific language in the BCGEU and PEA main agreements about the use of project employees. Close attention must be paid to that language, as the provisions differ between the 2 agreements.

With the ratification of the 15th PEA Main Agreement, regular employees in the PEA bargaining unit can be eligible for project employee status, but only for project work within the PEA bargaining unit. 

This provision was negotiated to provide management with additional flexibility in completing certain kinds of work. It's also anticipated that it'll facilitate fewer contractors being engaged to do work that could be performed by employees.

To learn more about this pilot project and Memorandum of Understanding 20, please refer to the BCGEU collective agreement.

For PEA, please refer to PEA 15th Main Agreement Article 5.02 (PDF, 3MB).

Limited term

This appointment may be used for assignments of less than 31 calendar days.

Limited term employees receive salary from payroll, but retain no rights under a collective agreement or the terms and conditions for excluded employees.

If there's a chance that the assignment may go beyond the 31 days, please contact the BC Public Service Agency.

Temporary worker: employment agency

Temporary workers can be hired through an agency for up to 30 days.

These are non-employees and are paid by the employment agency. 

Rehabilitative trial

When an employee has been absent for health-related reasons (illness or injury), a return to work on a trial basis is often required for rehabilitative purposes.

This allows the employee to return to work on a gradual basis and/or to perform alternate duties.