Blackwater Road at Knickerbocker

Blackwater Road at Knickerbocker Slide near Quesnel

Open. The historic Knickerbocker Slide, which reawakened in 2020, remains active and is affecting Blackwater Road.


  • Blackwater Road is located in western Quesnel approximately 9 km from the city’s centre


  • In 2020, the Knickerbocker Slide caused distortions to the surface of Blackwater Road
  • The road is safe for travel, however, the slide area remains active
  • Paving was completed in Fall 2021 to improve rideability for road users throughout the winter months


  • Conceptual design including repairs and alternate alignments, geotechnical and hydrotechnical investigations, aerial LiDAR surveys, climate-resilience and environmental reviews is underway
  • Geotechnical monitoring and evaluation of the slide area is also underway, including monthly aerial LiDAR surveys and subsurface investigation