Kersley-Dale Landing Road

Kersley Dale Landing Road

Closed. Multiple slides occurred in November 2020.

Updated: April 21, 2022

Construction Update

Kersley Dale Landing Temporary Access
A temporary, single lane gravel road is open for residents at Kersley Dale Landing Road. The road is intended for local traffic.


Location and Preliminary Options Map

Kersley-Dale Landing Road Map Presents 6 options for moving the road for discussion and the area of the landslide

  • Kersley-Dale Landing Road is located approximately 20 km south of Quesnel


  • The unstable slopes and continued creek erosion, make the current alignment unsafe for public use


  • Construction of temporary single lane access road is complete and open for local traffic. See neighbourhood advisory.
  • Engineering analysis of repairs and alignment options to replace Kersley-Dale Landing Road is underway
  • Geotechnical investigations of the slide area are ongoing, including semi-annual aerial LiDAR surveys and ground-movement monitoring

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