Quesnel-Hydraulic Road

Quesnel Hydraulic Road

Closed. Multiple historic landslides reactivated in this area during the 2020 spring freshet.

Updated: January 21, 2022


  • Quesnel-Hydraulic Road is located approximately 20 km south of Quesnel


  • The unstable slopes, and continuing erosion at the river, make the affected segment of Quesnel-Hydraulic Road unsafe for public use
  • An alternate route via French Road is available for through traffic


  • Geotechnical investigations, including drilling work, was completed on site in December 2021. Data collected will be used as part of the engineering study examining options for addressing the impacts of the slides on Quesnel-Hydraulic Road.
  • Construction of vehicle turn-arounds in advance of the closure points is underway 
  • Conceptual design including repairs and alternate alignments, geotechnical and hydrotechnical investigations, aerial LiDAR surveys, climate-resilience and environmental reviews is underway
  • Geotechnical monitoring and evaluation of the slide area is also underway, including monthly aerial LiDAR surveys and visual inspection