B.C. Highway Flood Recovery Projects - Highway 8

BC Highway 8 Spring 2023 Driving

Highway 8 is open to the public, but it is not back to original capacity or function. Learn more about what to expect. 

Last updated: November 2, 2023

We would like to thank our dedicated crews, and everyone involved with rebuilding and reconnecting Highway 8.

Highway 8 Closure Protocol

Should Highway 1 or Highway 5 close in the future, Highway 8 will not be used as a detour as it is an active construction zone. Protocol to redirect traffic away from Highway 8 will prevent secondary closures and impacts on local residents. 

Messaging on available detour routes will be made available via message signs, DriveBC.ca and social media.

Check TranBC's Current Road Advisories for detailed information about highway travel disruptions during emergency situations.


  • Highway 8 - Merritt to Spences Bridge


The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is undertaking several projects to support the recovery and resiliency of Highway 8 and surrounding areas, including:

Aerial seeding areas above Highway 8 to support new plant growth, reducing the risk of future debris flows and providing food for local animals.

Partnering with Shackan Indian Band to improve fish passage at the Skuhun Creek Bridge.

Geotechnical investigations for the repair of Manning Creek Road.

Supporting other provincial government agencies to develop a coordinated action plan for the restoration of the Nicola Valley Watershed.

Environmental Enhancements

  • The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure implemented environmental enhancements to improve fish and wildlife habitats during the emergency repair work in 2022.
  • These environmental enhancements include rock groynes, large woody debris, riparian (streamside) plans, boulder clusters and off channel fish habitat restoration. 
  • Early monitoring has shown that riparian plants have begun to grow and young fish have started populating the side channels along the river. 
  • The Ministry will continue to work with Indigenous communities to identify the sites that are priority for developing fish habitats and streamside planting.

Site 15 - Spring 2023

Riparian Plantings (Apr-28-2023)


Highway Maintenance

  • Highway 8's road maintenance contractor, Yellowhead Road & Bridge Ltd. (YRB), regularly monitors the area and applies traction control (salt and sand) on the roads during winter conditions
  • If you notice any hazards or issues on Highway 8 (such as potholes and faulty lights), please contact Yellowhead Road & Bridge Ltd. at 1-888-899-9854



BC Highway 8 Aerial Flyover

Aerial footage of flood damage to BC Highway 8 between Spences Bridge and Merritt

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