BC Corrections helps keep British Columbians safe by managing adults who are in custody or under community supervision.

BC Corrections provides secure custody for individuals awaiting trial as well as for individuals serving sentences of less than two years.

BC Corrections operates probation offices that supervise individuals serving community sentences, such as bail or probation orders. We work with individuals under our supervision in custody and the community to learn better ways of responding to the world around them and reduce reoffending.

In addition, BC Corrections:

  • Addresses behaviours individuals need to change
  • Helps individuals gain school and work skills while in custody
  • Assists individuals to plan their return to the community
  • Ensures individuals in the community are following their court-ordered conditions

BC Corrections provides individuals in custody and in the community with the opportunity to take programs to address:

  • Substance abuse
  • Violence prevention
  • Intimate partner violence
  • Essential life skills
  • Sexually motivated offences

BC Corrections response to COVID-19

BC Corrections is committed to the health and safety of the individuals in our care and under supervision in the community - and the 2,700 staff who support them. We continue to consult with the Provincial Health Officer and other health experts about measures that will assist us during the pandemic.

Correctional centres

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 to and within provincial correctional centres, visits from the public are restricted at this time. 

  • For the safety of everyone within correctional centres, in-person personal visits are suspended unless there are exceptional circumstances
  • Confidential in-person meetings with official visitors (such as legal counsel) will be accommodated as much as possible without permitting direct personal contact
  • All visitors are required to follow the same safe hygiene measures and self-screening protocols as staff and will be refused entry if they do not comply

Visitors will not be allowed access to a centre if they are experiencing or exhibiting any signs of illness.

Contact the Warden with any written requests an exception before visiting a correctional centre in person.

Community Corrections offices

Probation officers and bail supervisors continue to supervise approximately 18,000 individuals on community supervision orders through a variety of methods based on case-specific factors, such as the level of risk they pose and their offence type.

  • Community corrections clients who require more intensive supervision and interventions are required to report in person as part of their ongoing case management
  • In-person reporting takes place with glass separating clients and staff and/or following physical distancing guidelines
  • In addition, probation officers are using various forms of virtual technology for video supervision and to assist with case management and program delivery