B.C. Corrections helps keep British Columbians safe by managing adults who are in custody or under community supervision.

It provides secure custody for accused awaiting trial as well as for offenders serving sentences of less than two years.

B.C. Corrections operates probation offices that supervise offenders serving community sentences, such as bail or probation orders. It helps offenders in custody and the community learn better ways of responding to the world around them and to reduce reoffending.

In addition, B.C. Corrections:

  • Addresses behaviours offenders need to change
  • Helps offenders gain school and work skills while in custody
  • Assists offenders to plan their return to the community
  • Ensures offenders in the community are following their court-ordered conditions

It provides offenders with programs and services such as:

  • Substance abuse management
  • Violence prevention
  • Relationship violence prevention
  • Essential life skills
  • Sex offender treatment