Investigation and Standards Office

The Investigation and Standards Office (ISO) is an independent body of the Ministry of Attorney General. Its responsibilities include investigating complaints made by inmates at provincial correctional centres and probationers supervised in the community.


ISO is responsible for:

  • Investigating complaints made by inmates, probationers or prisoners
  • Reviewing inmate disciplinary appeals
  • Inspecting facilities and processes used by court services
  • Participating in critical incident reviews conducted by corrections branch or as determined by the director
  • Making recommendations based on findings

Our mandate does not include:

  • Conducting criminal investigations
  • Investigating complaints regarding police
  • Investigating complaints about federal corrections
  • Investigating human rights or Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms issues
  • Authority to review National Parole Board decisions
  • Investigating or making recommendations on personnel disciplinary matters

How We Operate

The director of ISO leads a team of inspectors and reports to the assistant deputy minister of Justice Services Branch.

ISO is a team of nine located in Victoria.

Inspectors support complaints resolution, disciplinary review and critical incident reviews for the corrections and court services branches. Inmate disciplinary reviews and critical incident reviews are priority issues. ISO has established internal service standards to ensure timely intervention.

Information for Inmates and Prisoners

  1. Speak with the correctional officer in your unit. Most complaints are resolved by speaking with this person.
  2. If you are unable to resolve your concern with the correctional officer in your unit, ask any staff member for a complaint form.
  3. Give your completed complaint form to a staff member, who will deliver it to the right person. You may keep a copy of your complaint.
  4. If you do not receive a response within seven days or you are not satisfied with the response you receive, you may phone toll-free or write to us at the numbers shown above.