Corrections reports and publications


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BC Corrections Directions Magazine explores the entire spectrum of our mandate as seen through the eyes of the individuals under our care and supervision. The magazine offers a glimpse of what it’s like to move through the system and showcases the unique, varied and excellent work done every day by our staff across the province – in correctional centres and the community, and by those who develop and evaluate our programs and policies.


Review of arrangement between Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and BC Corrections

In July 2022, BC Corrections completed a review of its arrangement with CBSA on holding immigration detainees in provincial correctional centres.

The review examined all aspects of the arrangement with input and engagement from multiple external stakeholders and advocacy groups.

Standing against violence

In December 2014, the Parliamentary Secretary for Corrections completed a safety review of BC Corrections, Standing Against Violence. The review made 20 recommendations to improve staff and inmate safety in B.C.'s corrections system.

Technical Assessment of Electronic Supervision

Sierra Systems' technical assessment provides:

  • Best practices in electronic supervision
  • An overview of the latest technology used in some North American jurisdictions
  • Options for the future of electronic supervision in B.C.