Corrections Reports & Publications

For more information about who B.C. Corrections is and what we do, read our Profile of BC Corrections: Protect Communities, Reduce Reoffending Report.

The BC Corrections Directions Magazine explores the entire spectrum of BC Corrections’ mandate – all seen through the eyes of the offender. It offers a glimpse of what it’s like to move through the system – and showcases the unique, varied and excellent work that is done every day by all of our staff across the province – in correctional centres, in the community and by those who research and develop programs and policies to ensure we meet our mandate to protect communities and reduce reoffending.

You can also review B.C. Corrections':

For information on B.C. Corrections' rates of non-reoffending, please see page 29 of the Ministry of Justice 2013/14 – 2015/16 Service Plan.

Aboriginal Justice Strategic Plan for 2012-2016 proposes strategies to reduce overrepresentation of Aboriginal Peoples in the justice system, while achieving the mission of the branch: to protect communities and reduce reoffending.

Other Reports

In December 2014, the Parliamentary Secretary for Corrections completed a safety review of BC Corrections Standing Against ViolenceIt makes 20 recommendations to improve staff and inmate safety in B.C.'s corrections system.

Technical Assessment of Electronic Supervision by Sierra Systems reviews best practices in electronic supervision, provides an overview of the latest technology used in some North American jurisdictions and describes options for the future of electronic supervision in B.C.