Corrections reports, publications and data


For more information about who BC Corrections is and what we do, see:

BC Corrections Directions Magazine explores the entire spectrum of our mandate as seen through the eyes of the individuals under our care and supervision. The magazine offers a glimpse of what it’s like to move through the system and showcases the unique, varied and excellent work done every day by our staff across the province – in correctional centres and the community, and by those who develop and evaluate our programs and policies.


Review of arrangement between Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and BC Corrections

In July 2022, BC Corrections completed a review of its arrangement with CBSA on holding immigration detainees in provincial correctional centres.

The review examined all aspects of the arrangement with input and engagement from multiple external stakeholders and advocacy groups.

Standing against violence

In December 2014, the Parliamentary Secretary for Corrections completed a safety review of BC Corrections, Standing Against Violence. The review made 20 recommendations to improve staff and inmate safety in B.C.'s corrections system.

Technical Assessment of Electronic Supervision

Sierra Systems' technical assessment provides:

  • Best practices in electronic supervision
  • An overview of the latest technology used in some North American jurisdictions
  • Options for the future of electronic supervision in B.C.

Where to access BC Corrections data and statistics

Dashboard: Adult Custody Statistics

The Adult Custody Statistics dashboard offers a five-year snapshot of BC Corrections’ custody centre data. This includes information on the number of individuals in custody on any given day, admissions and releases, length of stay in custody, and data on individuals who have spent time in separate confinement. The data can be analyzed by year, custody center, or legal hold status (e.g., sentenced or awaiting sentence), and can be disaggregated by key demographics (e.g., gender, Indigeneity, age).

Open Data

BC Corrections’ data is publicly available on the BC Government’s Data Catalogue site at no cost. Available data sets include:

  • Community Corrections Client Count - demographics
  • Community Corrections Client Releases - demographics
  • Community Corrections Client Admissions - demographics
  • Custody Centre Inmate Count - demographics
  • Custody Centre Inmate Releases - demographics
  • Custody Centre Inmate Transfers - demographics
  • Custody Centre Inmate Admissions (New Clients) - demographics
  • Custody Centre Inmate Court Movements (to/from court) - demographics
  • Custody Centre Inmate Admissions - by legal hold status
  • Custody Centre Inmate Releases - by legal hold status
  • Custody Centre Inmate Court Movements (to/from court) - by legal hold status
  • Custody Centre Inmate Count - by legal hold status
  • Community Corrections Client Count - by legal hold status
  • Community Corrections Client Admissions - by legal hold status
  • Community Corrections Client Releases - by legal hold status

Data Innovation Program

The Data Innovation Program is a data integration and analytics program for government analysts and academic researchers. While every ministry of the BC Government collects and manages its own data, the Data Innovation Program securely links and de-identifies data from multiple ministries and organizations with the aims of providing insights into population-level trends and complex issues facing British Columbians.

The data available within the Data Innovation Program is based on individuals with at least one movement (e.g., admission, release, transfer) between 2001 and 2022, and includes: offence documents (e.g., warrants of committal, probation orders, etc.), custody and community movements (e.g., admissions/releases), risk/need assessment ratings, offence information (e.g., information on charges and convictions), and indicators of BC Corrections’ involvement more generally. More information.  

Requests for BC Corrections data for Research

If you wish to carry out research using BC Corrections’ data that is not publicly available, or if you are interested in collecting your own data from BC Corrections staff, or individuals under correctional supervision, you may submit a request to the BC Corrections Research Application Committee. More information.