Probation Offices

B.C. Corrections supervises approximately 22,000 clients throughout the province who are in the community under court-ordered conditions. Probation officers at 55 Community Corrections offices across B.C. ensure individuals are abiding by their court orders and deliver programs and guidance aimed at reducing reoffending.

Individuals may be supervised on the following types of court orders:

  • Probation orders – serving a sentence in the community with conditions
  • Bail – individuals waiting for trial in the community
  • Conditional sentence orders – often referred to as `house arrest’
  • Recognizance peace bonds – used when someone has not been convicted of an offence, but the court has reasonable grounds to fear that the defendant will cause personal injury or property damage
  • Alternative measures -- the opportunity to accept responsibility for the crime and make amends to the community without going to court

For more information on our Community Corrections Division and to find out how individuals are supervised in the community, please visit our Community Corrections page.