Information About B.C. Corrections

B.C. Corrections protects communities by supervising individuals in custody and those under court-orders in the community. It provides services and programs to individuals 18 years or older who are:

  • Supervised on a bail order while awaiting trial or serving a community sentence
  • Held in custody awaiting trial or serving a jail sentence of less than two years
  • Immigrant detainees held under the authority of the Canada Border Services Agency

Its goals are to:

  • Supervise offenders in ways that reduce reoffending and protect communities
  • Monitor and enforce court orders of adult offenders
  • Adhere to high standards in technology, and program development through evidence-based research and evaluation
  • Collaborate with other ministries, academic institutions, Aboriginal and other community partners and non-profit organizations to reduce reoffending and improve public safety

B.C. Corrections has four divisions:

  • Adult Custody – Operates correctional centres to safely house adult inmates who are awaiting trial or serving a sentence less than 2 years
  • Community Corrections – Supervises and offers programs to individuals in the community in accordance with court orders
  • Strategic Operations – Provides strategic direction to ensure systems, policies, infrastructure and programs are as effective as possible
  • Capital Projects – Plans and directs new building projects to ensure the physical infrastructure supports safe and secure operations


The Investigations and Standards Office (ISO) is an independent body of the Ministry of Attorney General. Its responsibilities include investigating complaints made by inmates at provincial correctional centres and offenders on probation.