Contact BC Corrections

BC Corrections’ toll-free Service Line:

BC Corrections’ Service Line can be used:

  • If you are looking for someone who may be in provincial custody
  • If you are legal counsel or an inmate wanting to establish a privileged phone line
  • If you are a police officer or investigator looking for information
  • If you have a general inquiry and want to be directed to someone at BC Corrections Headquarters

If you are a member of the media and want information call 250-213-3602.

Booking a Visit with an Inmate

To book a visit with an inmate, please contact the correctional centre. Please see our visiting policies.

Contacting an Individual in Provincial Custody

To write a letter to an individual in BC Corrections custody, please refer to our mail policies

Individuals in custody can make outgoing phone calls from their living units, but they cannot receive incoming calls.

To receive collect calls at a reduce rate or to leave a voicemail with an individual in custody you may wish to set up an account through To set up the account, you must have a PIN number, which is the individual’s Correctional Service number (CS number).

Friends and family can also deposit money to a prepaid account or to an individual’s trust account using the MoneyGram service at any Canada Post outlet.  To locate the nearest MoneyGram outlet please visit or call 1-800-MONEYGRAM (1-800-666-3947).

For assistance setting up an account or for any other questions, please call Synergy Customer Service at 1-844-369-7776.

For urgent, emergency situations (e.g.; impacts to life or safety), you may contact the BC Corrections  Service Line at 1-888-952-7968 to request that an individual in provincial custody contact you. Please note that due to privacy regulations and confidentiality, BC Corrections cannot confirm or deny if someone is in their custody and cannot confirm or deny if an individual has received your message.

Contacting a Correctional Centre

Visit the Correctional Centre Directory for the phone number and mailing address of our nine correctional centres.

Contacting a Community Corrections Office

Please visit the Community Corrections Office Directory for the phone number and mailing address of our 55 community offices.