If You Are Convicted of a Crime

This section provides information and guidance about the criminal justice system and will help you if you have been convicted of a crime. The word offender is used throughout to refer to a person who has been convicted of a crime, either after they have been found guilty by the court or after they have pleaded guilty. 

This section is only for adult offenders. If you are 12 to 17 years old and have been accused or found guilty of a crime, see If You Are a Youth Convicted of a Crime.

Being convicted has serious consequences. Understanding how the criminal justice systems works in B.C. will help you make decisions about how to deal with your situation. This section will answer some of your questions and describe what you might experience. Information is general and is not legal advice. Only a lawyer can give you legal advice.

See Legal Assistance (Services and Resources) to learn more about where to find legal assistance.