Vancouver's Downtown Community Court

Last updated on October 18, 2016

As the first of its kind in Canada, Vancouver's Downtown Community Court pioneered the innovative approach that brings together justice, health and social services in one location – a purpose-designed courthouse.

  • A high number of offenders in downtown Vancouver have health and social problems, including alcoholism, drug addiction, mental illness, homelessness and poverty. The court takes a problem-solving approach to address offenders' needs and circumstances and the underlying causes of their criminal behaviour.
  • The community court creates new relationships, both within the justice system and with health and social services, community organizations, area residents, merchants, faith communities, non-profit organizations and schools.
  • The community court tests new ways to reduce crime and improve public safety. It deals with offenders more quickly through a co-ordinated and informed response, benefiting not only offenders but victims and the wider community as well.
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