Dease-Liard Sustainable Resource Management Plan

A land and resource management plan has not been completed for the Dease-Liard sustainable resource management area meaning there is no strategic direction to follow. The Dease-Liard Sustainable Resource Management Plan (SRMP) is primarily a technical process that builds on the draft Dease-Liard area assessment technical document.

The Dease-Liard Sustainable Resource Management Plan (SRMP) provides resource management direction within the Dease-Liard landscape unit. It was developed in two phases.

The first phase, with a focus on biodiversity, wildlife and timber, was approved in 2004 and a sub-set of objectives was legally established under the Forest Practices Code of B.C. Act. The second phase, approved in 2012, added chapters on minerals and aggregates, oil, gas and energy, tourism and recreation, access and climate change.

The two plans together result in management direction for the full spectrum of resource values in the plan area and a new protected area - Ne'ah Conservancy. Both plans were built on the Dease-Liard Area Assessment technical document developed between 1999 and 2001. 

The Dease-Liard is within the asserted traditional territory of the Kaska Dena, Tahltan and Teslin Tlingit First Nations. The majority of the plan area falls within the traditional territory of the Kaska Dena First Nation. The sustainable resource management plans were developed in partnership with the Kaska Dena First Nation and accommodates the Kaska Dena interests. Both the Tahltan Central Council and Teslin Tlingit Council were invited to participate in the planning process. Although the Tahltan Central Council chose not to participate, they did provide input on the second phase of the plan.​