Cassiar Iskut-Stikine Land & Resource Management Plan

The Cassiar Iskut-Stikine Land and Resource Management Plan (LRMP) was approved in 2000 after three years of negotiations with a multi-stakeholder planning table that included representatives of the Tahltan Nation, stakeholders, and members of local communities.

The plan covers 5.2 million hectares of land in Northwestern B.C. and is based on the consensus recommendations of that table.

As a result of the Cassiar Iskut-Stikine LRMP the Todagin wildlife management area was legally designated in 2001 by an Order in Council under the Wildlife Act. The principal management objective is to conserve Stone’s sheep populations and habitat and other wildlife values integrated with mineral exploration and development.

In addition, an ungulate winter range for mountain goats (#U-6-002) has been legally established by order under the Government Actions Regulation on the border with the Nass South SRMP south of the Cassiar Iskut-Stikine LRMP area.


Implementation & Monitoring Direction