XFour Vodka Company

XFour Vodka Company (XFour) produces a line of award-winning premium vodka beverage products made with natural ingredients.

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The company offers a range of beverages made with their four-times distilled and charcoal-filtered XFour Vodka, which won the 2012 SIPS International Vodka competition. It is made from corn, rye and water from an artisanal well, with a refreshingly clean and smooth taste that is perfect for sipping on the rocks or in a martini.

Additional beverage products made using their XFour Vodka are available, such as: Percy’s old fashioned lemonade, a canned beverage where fresh-squeezed lemons, local organic honey and spring water are combined, and then steeped with lemon zest, to recreate the owner’s great-grandfather’s recipe; Percy’s punch, which uses their lemonade product as a base, with the addition of fresh ginger and mint, as well as organic blueberries; XFour Xoxolat chocolate martini, infused with organic cocoa, honey and espresso extract, and recently served at the Grammy’s; XFour bremners blueberry vodka, with added fresh squeezed organic blueberry juice from Bremner Farms in Ladner; and XFour chocolate cocktail, infused with a rich, creamy flavour that leaves the velvety feeling of chocolate in your mouth. All beverages are produced in a facility using a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system to ensure product safety.

XFour was established in Vancouver in 2007 by Chef Marcus Von Albrecht, winner of “Chef of the Year for Canada” in 2005. Marcus incorporates his values into the company by buying local, and using fresh, natural ingredients and no preservatives. Each of the flavoured products uses the co-branding of other B.C. companies to promote the local economy. The company emphasizes recycling and local sourcing, while using sugar cane based packaging, to promote sustainability.