Bittered Sling Extracts

Bittered Sling® Bitters celebrates the extraordinary life and business partnership of award-winning bartender & sommelier Lauren Mote and celebrated Chef Jonathan Chovancek.

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Together, they’ve contributed more than 40 years of professional experience, knowledge, and innovation to the Canadian and global food and beverage community.

Mote has been making bitters since 2008. The sweetest partnership would launch on February 12, 2012 — where Mote and Chovancek unveiled their Bittered Sling® line up to the world. Bittered Sling® is a retail line of award-winning, high-quality cocktail bitters and culinary extracts using exceptional ingredients providing the palate, plate and potion with a powerful and exciting fusion of flavours.

Since that day — Bittered Sling® quickly built a reputation in the international cocktail and culinary community as premium, high-quality cocktail bitters, celebrating stories of travel and terroir, utilizing the finest quality ingredients, levels of heritage and craftsmanship from domestic and international purveyors. Bittered Sling®’s expertise in blending flavours and botanicals is showcased perfectly across the six global flavour & six creative flavour lineups.

Bittered Sling® continues to inspire creativity within the global drinks’ community, providing a sustainable, diverse and delicious product for excited cocktail enthusiasts, backed by two quality stamps of approval — Canada Brand® and BuyLocalBC®.

Bitters – marketed initially as a medicinal tonic – are a concentration of select natural herbs, fruits and spices now used primarily as a flavouring agent for cocktail and culinary creations ranging from savoury to sweet. A common and indispensable tool of any bartender, bitters have increased in popularity thanks to the recent renaissance of classic cocktails.