Long Table Distillery

Long Table Distillery (Long Table) has been making award-winning Gins and Botanical spirits since 2013.

Gin - Long Table Distillery

As Vancouver’s first distillery, this family owned and operated business is the home of BC’s premium international award-winning Gins and Botanical spirits since it opened its doors in the Spring of 2013 in downtown Vancouver, Canada. Their unique operational space is divided into a combined distilling production area, distillery cocktail lounge and retail store. 

Head Distiller, Charles Tremewen notes that, “Long Table is not only Vancouver’s first distillery, but we are Ginsmiths focusing on the distillation of notably the highest quality premium gins produced in the province of BC.” He goes on to say, “The passion we share for our craft is evident in every batch we distill here, on-site. Using age-old copper pot distilling methods and our custom 300L copper pot still, we strive to achieve batch over batch quality and consistency. This is what separates us from other producers in British Columbia.”

Using 100% Canadian grain-based alcohol, wild foraged botanicals and recipes that are inspired by British Columbia’s biodiverse West Coast, the distillery offers a range of spirits which include a Cucumber Gin, London Dry Gin, Barrel-Aged Gin, Texada Vodka and a world class Akvavit. They also distill a variety of seasonal spirits, such as Limoncello, Curacao, Amaro and Absinthe. Each spirit is distilled and bottled at their Vancouver facility – a registered and certified BC Craft Distillery, certified by Coastal Health BC.

Each botanical used in making their spirits is either handpicked by foragers working in local mountains or sourced from suppliers around the world. Even the water the distillery uses is sourced from British Columbia’s pristine Coast Mountain Range.

The company has implemented sustainability measures to reduce the environmental impact of their product, including the use of an electrical boiler to heat their stills, along with creating a company-wide composting program, and the repurposing the water used in their distillation process throughout the distillery. All of their spirits are finished in glass bottles and their packaging materials are approved by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC). 

Today, Long Table’s premium spirits are sold in liquor stores throughout Canada and are proudly featured at top restaurants and bars in signature Long Table cocktails. Long Table’s award-winning Gins and Botanical Spirits can be purchased through the Distillery’s Retail Sales & Tasting Lounge or at BC Government and Private Liquor stores. They are also distributed throughout BC, Alberta, Manitoba, the Yukon Territories, Ontario, the UK and Asia. 
Further information about Long Table and their spirits is accessible through their website at www.longtabledistillery.com, where you can also shop 24/7.