Ozen Holdings

Ozen Holdings Ltd. specializes in selecting and exporting B.C. wines that appeal to Asian consumers.

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The company works with wineries from B.C.’s Okanagan and Similkmeen Valleys to help them reach markets in Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China. Key brands offered by Ozen Holdings for export include: Forbidden Fruit Winery, a certified organic winery that produces great table and fruit wines; Bench 1775, one of B.C.’s biggest and highest quality producers of icewines; and Elephant Orchard Winery, who offer excellent fruit and red wines. The company also works with local blueberry growers to distribute B.C.’s world-famous berries to customers in Asia.

Ozen Holdings was established in 1999, beginning as a holding company for a cafe in North Vancouver, before moving into the fashion handbags importing, wholesaling and distribution business. Owner Maggie Ozen has been a licensed immigration consultant since 1998 and has  worked with many foreign investors that wanted to purchase B.C. wineries. After helping these investors navigate the B.C. wine sector, Maggie fell in love with this local industry and in 2014 began exporting small quantities of wine to contacts in Hong Kong. Ozen Holdings now works with a number of B.C. wineries to help them reach new markets in China.