Hiring employees

Employers must provide employment agreements that meet all minimum standards including minimum wage, minimum hours of work, vacation time and pay, statutory holidays and ending employment.

Employers and employees cannot agree to working arrangements that are for less than the minimum standards

Explain workplace standards

Employers need to clearly communicate to employees what their rights are for working in B.C. They should do so by posting and sharing the information in these documents:

The Foreign Workers info sheet contains information about the rights of foreign workers under the Temporary Foreign Worker Protection Act and Regulation. Employers and recruiters need to share this information with foreign workers they hire or recruit.

Employers should also communicate the specific terms and conditions of employment in writing. A job description is not required, but it can help new employees know what is expected of them.

Do not give false information about wages or employment conditions

Employers are not allowed to misrepresent an employment offer to convince potential employees to work for them.

They also cannot pay an employee less than the wage agreed upon, even if the employee isn't performing as well as expected. In these situations, employers may choose to end employment.

Employers need to follow specific rules for hiring different types of workers

Hiring young people

Before you employ anyone under the age of 16, there are special rules you must follow.

The rules and process for hiring young people changed on October 15, 2021. Find out more about the child employment permit process.

Using an employment agency to hire

Anyone who is paid to recruit employees must be licensed by the provincial government. A licence is not required for agencies that recruit for only one employer. Agencies must not ask for payment from people looking for work.

Hiring domestic workers

To hire a domestic worker you need to:

  • Have a written employment agreement
  • Register with the Employment Standards Branch within 30 days of the worker starting

Find out how to meet the requirements for hiring domestic workers.

Hiring farm labour workers

Farm labour contractors provide workers to plant, cultivate or harvest agricultural products. Farm labour contractors must be licensed in B.C. Even though they may work for different farms, the workers are the employees of the farm labour contractor.

Hiring temporary foreign workers

Starting in the fall 2019, employers who want to hire temporary foreign workers will need to be registered with the provincial government.

Hiring silviculture workers

A silviculture worker is hired to help with reforestation – the process of replanting an area with trees (commonly referred to as a tree planter).

Find out what you can do

If you're having issues at work, find out what you can do: