Published registries and violations

Public registries

View a list of active employer registrations

Employers who hire temporary foreign workers in B.C. are required by law to register with the provincial government. This page shows a list of all employers that have been issued a certificate of registration in British Columbia.

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View a list of licensed employment agencies in B.C.

Employment agencies must be licensed to operate in British Columbia. An employment agency is an organization or person who charges a fee to recruit, or offers to recruit, employees for employers.

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View a list of licensed farm labour contractors in B.C.

A farm labour contractor provides labour to producers in connection with the planting, cultivating or harvesting of agricultural products. Although the workers may work on a variety of farms owned by different producers, they are the employees of the farm labour contractor. Producers must only use licensed farm labour contractors.

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View a list of licensed talent agencies in B.C.

Talent agencies must be licensed to operate in British Columbia. A talent agency is a person or organization that charges a fee to offer, promise or try to get employment for:

  • actors
  • performers
  • extras, or
  • technical creative film personnel involved in a production of a film, video, television show or television commercial

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Published violations

On February 1st, 2023, the Director began publishing limited information related to violations for all determinations issued on or after this date.

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In accordance with section 101 of the Employment Standards Act, and section 62 of the Temporary Foreign Worker Protection Act, the Director may publish information relating to contraventions of the Act or Regulation including the identity of persons named in a Determination.