Employment standards and workplace safety

Whether you’re an employee or an employer, it’s important to understand employment standards and to know where to go if you need help or advice.

Employment standards

The law in B.C. sets standards for payment, compensation and working conditions in most workplaces. The standards promote open communication, fair treatment and work-life balance for employees. View a list of recent amendments made to the Employment Standards Act and Regulation.

Workers' Advisers Office Home

Operating independently of WorkSafeBC, the Workers' Advisers Office is a branch of the Ministry of Labour providing workers, their dependants and other stakeholders with free advice, assistance, representation, training and mentoring with respect to workers' compensation issues.

Paid sick leave

The vast majority of workers in B.C. no longer have to choose between going to work sick or losing wages, as B.C.'s first-ever permanent paid sick leave comes into effect with 5 paid sick days each year. Both full- and part-time employees are eligible for this benefit.

Gig Worker Engagement

B.C.’s employment laws should reflect the needs of modern workplaces. Government is consulting with gig workers, employers and other stakeholders, and engaging with Indigenous partners, to seek their input about the challenges they face and potential solutions.