Farm labour contractors

Farm labour contractors must be licensed in B.C.

A farm labour contractor provides labour to producers in connection with the planting, cultivating or harvesting of agricultural products. Although the workers may work on a variety of farms owned by different producers, they are the employees of the farm labour contractor.

Producers must only use licensed farm labour contractors. If a producer uses an unlicensed farm labour contractor:

  • They could be fined $500 to $10,000
  • They may be held liable for unpaid wages as the employer of the farm workers

A licence is not required for:

  • Farm labour contractors who operate solely in silviculture or in spraying or pruning trees
  • Producers that only hire people to pick crops on their own land

Getting licensed

Submit your application package in plenty of time before starting work. Application review can take several weeks. Complete the following steps to avoid processing delays.

Know the rules and prepare for the exam. The licence application process requires you to complete the application form including the Farm Labour Contractor Examination. Your exam is marked once you submit your completed application package. You need 80% to pass. You can rewrite it if you don't pass. 

The exam is based on requirements for farm labour contractors in the Employment Standards Act and Regulation:

Fill out a Farm Labour Contractor Licence Application (PDF, 1.56MB) and complete the exam (included with the application).

Make sure that all information is accurate. Some details from your application form will be made available online so that producers can contact you. You must provide a physical address (include a PO box number if you have one) and a business phone number where you can be contacted at all times.

Direct deposit setup with your financial institution: Request a letter from your bank or credit union that confirms you have obtained their services to direct deposit wages for your workers. The letter must include the name and branch address of the bank or credit union.

WorkSafeBC: Provide your WorkSafeBC number and a clearance letter that states your account is active and in good standing.

Motor vehicle inspections: Provide inspection reports for vehicles used to transport workers from the Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement Vehicle Inspections & Standards Program. If you license other vehicles later, send inspection reports immediately to any Employment Standards Branch office.

Vehicle safety notice: Post the Vehicle Safety Notice (PDF, 43.8KB) in all vehicles used to transport workers. It must be displayed where the driver and all passengers can see it.

Release of information: Submit a completed Release of Information form (PDF, 124.6KB).

Submit a bond in the form of an irrevocable letter of credit from your financial institution. Use the original letter – faxes or other copies are not accepted. The bond is retained for up to 12 months after the farm labour contractor’s licence expires. The bond may be returned prior to the 12 month period if:

  • There are no outstanding complaints against the farm labour contractor

  • No complaints are received against the farm labour contractor within the statutory complaint period of 6 months after their licence expires

Calculate the amount of your bond. Multiply minimum wage by 80 hours. Multiply the result by the number of employees included in the licence.

Here's an example for minimum wage beginning on June 1, 2022:

$15.65 (min. wage) x 80 hours = $1,252.00 x 25 employees = $31,300.00

Request a bond from your financial institution. Write a letter to your financial institution (PDF, 138.7KB) to request an irrevocable letter of credit payable to the Minister of Finance. This step can take up to two or three weeks. Make sure that the letter of credit includes:

  • An expiry date that is 12 months after your licence expires
  • An automatic renewal clause
  • The farm labour contractor's legal name (e.g. Smith’s Farms Ltd. or John Smith operating as Smith Farms)

The bond is reduced when you renew your licence, if you have complied with the core requirements of the Employment Standards Act:

The number of years operating in compliance determines the reduced bond amount.

  • One year to less than two years: Multiply minimum wage by 60 hours to calculate the bond
  • Two years to less than 3 years: Multiply minimum wage by 40 hours to calculate the bond
  • Three years or more: Multiply minimum wage by 20 hours to calculate the bond

Submit the application and pay the non-refundable application fee

If this is your first application, you can only request a one-year licence.

If your licence was suspended or cancelled, you can only request a one-year licence. Licence fees are not refunded if a licence is cancelled.

Depending on your chosen method of payment, you can submit the application package including the fee and supporting documents in different ways.

Pay with credit card

Email your application to Employment Standards first. To pay using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express), follow the instructions in the application to pay by phone and reduce processing time.

The bond cannot be paid by credit card.

Pay with cheque or money order

Mail the application and payment (Payable to Minister of Finance) to the address below. We’ll send you confirmation when we receive your application and payment.

​Employment Standards Branch
Victoria, BC  V8W 9K1

If sending by courier:

​Employment Standards Branch
200-880 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC  V8W 2B7

In either case, you also need to mail the signed original bond to the address above. Employment Standards cannot accept a copy of a bond.


Employment Standards will review your application

Each application package is reviewed and assessed to make sure that a contractor will operate in the best interests of workers and producers. This process can take several weeks.

If your application package is complete, someone will contact you to schedule an interview.

If your licence is not approved, someone will contact you by phone (and follow-up with a letter) to let you know the reasons why your licence was not approved. Your bond will be refunded. Applicants who previously had their licence cancelled may be refused another licence.

Farm labour contractors must comply with the Employment Standards Act and Regulation. Register for an education seminar to find out about the responsibilities of farm labour contractors.

Specific licensing rules include:

Maintain a current, valid licence

The farm labour contractor must have the licence with them while completing licensed activities. They need to show it to anyone before they start working with them as a farm labour contractor. A copy of the licence must also be displayed in vehicles used to transport employees.

Report any changes

Immediately notify the Employment Standards Branch of any changes to the business, including change of address, phone number, number of workers, vehicles used to transport workers, etc. Corporations must apply for a new licence within seven days of any changes to directors or officers.

Manage vehicles and ensure vehicle safety

Maintain and inspect vehicles used to transport workers according to the requirements of the Motor Vehicle Act and Division 39 – Road Safety of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations, including:

  • Attach a valid inspection certificate to each vehicle and send a copy to the Employment Standards Branch
  • Display a Vehicle Safety Notice (PDF, 43.8KB) in each vehicle where the driver and all passengers can see it
  • Make sure that anyone transporting employees has a valid driver’s licence for the vehicle they're driving

If there's a change in vehicles, provide an updated list of registration and licence numbers along with inspection reports to the Employment Standards Branch.

If a vehicle is removed from service and the provincial government provides alternate transportation, the farm labour contractor must pay a $500 administrative fee to the Employment Standards Branch.

Inspections are conducted regularly

The Agriculture Compliance Team visits farms where work is being done to observe operations, interview employees, review records and talk to the farm labour contractor and producer. Visits are not scheduled. Refusing to allow the team to visit could result in being fined $500 to $10,000.

Licences can be cancelled or suspended and a farm labour contractor could be fined for:

  • Making a false or misleading statement in an application for a licence
  • Breaching a condition of the licence
  • Contravening the Employment Standards Act or Regulation
  • Failing to comply with the Motor Vehicle Act, Workers Compensation Act, or Occupational Health and Safety Regulation
  • Being ordered to remove a vehicle from service while it's being used to transport workers

If your licence is suspended, it can be reinstated once you are in compliance again. If your licence has been cancelled, you need to reapply.

The Employment Standards Branch investigates all complaints about farm labour contractors. If a complaint is received about your company, someone will contact you to get more information and try to resolve the complaint. If it is determined that you owe a worker money, the Director of Employment Standards may initiate collection to recover funds.

At least 30 days before your licence expires, follow the same process and submit another application package to renew your licence. If not, you could get fined for operating without a licence. You will not receive a renewal notice.

Do not submit a new bond with your renewal application. You will be notified if your bond calculation has changed.

If you're paying the application fee using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express)follow the instructions in the application to pay by phone and reduce processing time. Email your application to Employment Standards before you pay by phone.


Farm labour contractors must pay farm workers

Workers must not be required to pay fees to get hired. Their wages must be deposited directly in to their bank account on payday.

Wages being paid to farm workers must be displayed at each work site and in every vehicle used for transporting employees.

Travel pay: If a farm labour contractor transports farm workers to a job site and does not provide any work, they must be paid the greater of:

  • The minimum hourly wage for two hours of work


  • The time spent travelling from the departure point and back to that place, or to an alternative place that is no further away and is acceptable to the employee

This does not apply if work is not available because of bad weather or other causes that are beyond the control of the farm labour contractor.

Farm labour contractors must keep accurate records

A farm labour contractor must keep a daily log at each work site that includes:

  • The name of the producer and work site location to which workers are supplied
  • The names of the workers who work at that work site on that day
  • The names of each worker and the dates worked
  • The site where each worker works on each day
  • The fruit, vegetable, berry or flower crop picked on each day by each worker 
  • The volume or weight picked each day by each worker

Farm labour contractor records must be kept in English for two years after employment ends. Records may be inspected by the Agriculture Compliance Team.

If a farm labour contractor has employees, they must also keep payroll and employment records for each employee for four years.