Make a complaint

Try to resolve disputes informally. If this isn't possible, you can submit a complaint to resolve a problem at work. For example, you can request payment for wages that you are owed.

Find out more about filing a complaint and what to expect.

If you're unsure whether B.C. employment standards apply, you can:

Are you working for the same employer where the issue happened?

Working for the same employer. Issues will be reviewed up to one year before the date your complaint is received. You can ask that your complaint be kept confidential to protect your working relationship with your employer.

Not working for the same employer. You must file your complaint within six months of your last day of work or the last day of your temporary layoff. Issues from the last year of your employment will be reviewed.

File your complaint online

You can submit your complaint online in about 15 minutes.

Submit a complaint

Other ways to submit a complaint

You can submit a complaint by mail, fax or in person using the printable Complaint Form (PDF, 298 KB).


After a complaint is filed, it will be reviewed for timeliness and any issues not covered by the Employment Standards Act or Temporary Foreign Worker Protection Act. After a complaint is filed, Employment Standards contacts all parties and explains the provisions of the Act. Many complaints are resolved at this stage. Otherwise, your complaint may proceed to an investigation.

If a complaint is not resolved voluntarily, the Director of Employment Standards will issue a written decision called a determination that will include mandatory administrative penalties for every contravention of the Act. The Director will then collect outstanding wages and penalties.

If you want to appeal a decision, follow the appeal process with the Employment Standards Tribunal.