Getting Paid for Work

Employees must be paid for the work they do. They should get at least minimum wage for hours worked in each pay period.

Employees must be paid twice per month

Pay periods cannot be longer than 16 days. All money earned, including overtime and statutory holiday pay, must be paid within eight days after the end of the pay period. Annual vacation pay and wages in an employee’s time bank do not need to be paid within the pay period.

Wages must be paid in Canadian currency. Payment can be cash, cheque, bank draft, or money order. It can also be made by direct deposit to an employee's bank account if this agreed to in writing or if this arrangement is part of a collective agreement. Farm labour contractors must pay wages directly to an employee's bank account.

When employment ends, employers must pay employees their final wages.

Minimum wage

All employees must be paid at least minimum wage wage per hour. The minimum wage in B.C. is $13.85 per hour.

Minimum daily pay

An employee who reports for work must be paid for at least two hours, even if they work less than two hours.


Employers are legally required to make certain deductions from wages. Business costs cannot be deducted from wages.

Keeping records

Employers must keep a record of the hours worked by each employee and provide a pay statement every payday.

Overtime pay

Employees are paid overtime rates if they work more than standard work hours.

Tips and gratuities

Employers can collect tips and distribute them to all employees who shared in earning them.

Uniforms and special clothing

A dress code is different than a uniform. Employers must provide uniforms at no cost to employees.

Statutory holiday pay

Employees get statutory holiday pay if they qualify. If they work on a statutory holiday, they get time-and-a-half plus an average day's pay.

Paid time off

Employees can earn paid vacation days. Employers are not required to pay for other types of leave, including sick days.

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