Do Employment Standards Apply to You?

Not every work issue is related to employment standards

Get advice about staying safe at work. Report a work-related injury, health or safety issue to WorkSafeBC.

Get advice and resources to prevent and address workplace bullying or harassment.

Learn about the Human Rights Code, file a human rights complaint or search for a decision.

Find out if you qualify, or get help with benefit payments, your Record of Employment form or tax documents.

Resolve disputes involving goods and services, debts, insurance, property and construction.

Report any criminal behaviour like theft or assault to the police. You can also get advice from a lawyer.

Not every workplace or type of work is covered by B.C. employment standards

Several types of workplaces, workers and professions set their own standards or are federally-regulated.

Unions have collective agreements that set workplace standards for their members.

Self-employed workers are responsible for setting their own workplace standards.

Some members of professional associations aren't covered by B.C. employment standards.

Some types of work have limited coverage or are excluded from B.C. employment standards

Some sectors, industries or types of workers have specific regulations that only apply to them.

Workers performing specific types of duties or receiving certain benefits aren't covered by B.C. employment standards.

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