8. StudentTranscript Service Registration

The BCeID logon will direct you to the StudentTranscripts Online Registration Form. You will need your PEN, full legal name, DOB and a current email address to complete the registration process. 

  1. Enter your Student Information
    • PEN: enter your 9 digit Personal Education Number Personal Education Number (PEN)
    • First Name: enter the legal first name you used in Secondary School. Important note: if you do not have a first name contact studenttranscripts@gov.bc.ca to assist you with the registration process
    • Middle Name: enter your middle name (not a mandatory field)
    • Last Name: enter the legal last name you used in Secondary School
    • Birthdate: enter your date of birth dd/mm/yyyy
  2. Enter your Contact Information
    • Email: enter an email address that you use; this is how the student transcript administrator will contact you if required
    • Phone Number: your phone number (not a mandatory field)
  3. Read the Collection Notice then click on Submit

Clicking submit triggers the StudentTranscript service to search the Ministry Database for a matching combination of the PEN, first name, last name and Date of Birth you submitted. To avoid delays in the registration process be sure the student information you enter in the StudentTranscripts Registration, matches the information on your school of record.

The StudentTranscript system will notify you if it is unable to match your registration information with the ministry records. In this event a transcript administrator will contact you by email to complete your registration. You can also email studenttranscripts@gov.bc.ca for assistance.

8.1 Activate StudentTranscripts Registration

A successful registration will trigger an email to be sent to you from the StudentTranscript service; this is to activate and link your BCeID to your STS account and is done to protect your privacy. You must click on the link in your email (within 24 hours) to complete your registration. The system will then direct you to the BCeID Logon Page where you will enter your BCeID and the system will direct you to the StudentTranscripts Dashboard.

If for any reason you are unable to activate your registration in the 24 hours the link can be resent by contacting studenttranscripts@gov.bc.ca for assistance.