7. Basic BCeID

To access the StudentTranscripts Service you must use a Basic BCeID; a BCeID account is an online "ID" that enables end users to securely access multiple online government services with a single user ID and password.

A BCeID Account:

  • Provides secure access to many online government services.
  • Protects personal and business information to prevent unauthorized access to confidential information.
  • Ensures information is protected according to BC government privacy & security policies.

7.1 How to get a Basic BCeID

If you don’t have a Basic BCeID, you can sign up for one entirely online. No in-person counter visit for identity verification is required.

  • You choose your own user ID and password
  • You select & answer your three password reset questions

After completing the online registration process and accepting the Basic BCeID Terms of Use, your Basic BCeID account is ready for use.

7.2 Logon with BCeID

To access the StudentTranscripts Service you will login with your Basic BCeID; if you have not already signed up for the StudentTranscripts service, the system will direct you to the registration page.

Your Basic BCeID is then linked to your STs Registration. See also StudentTranscripts Service Registration (STS)

7.3 BCeID Help 

Help with BCeID is available via online form or phone number; Canada and USA Toll-Free 1 888 356-2741 or within Lower Mainland or Outside Canada and USA 604 660-2355. 

Or you can Text your questions to 1-604-660-2421.

Help details are available at the bottom of the main page at www.BCeID.ca The BCeID helpdesk can only answer questions related to your BCeID account. 

For anything to do with the StudentTranscripts Service access or use, please contact StudentTranscripts@gov.bc.ca