11. My Dashboard: Account Information

11.1 View Your Profile

From My Dashboard:

  • Click on View Your Profile
  • The system displays your student profile including your:
    • PEN: your Personal Education Number
    • First Name: your first name
    • Middle Name(s): your middle name(s)
    • Last Name: your last name
    • Email address and
    • Contact Phone Number if available
  • You can update your contact information by clicking the link Update Contact Information or,
  • Click Back to My Dashboard

Important Note: You can update your email address and phone number in STs, other updates must be done by your school or school district

11.2 Update Contact Information

From Student Profile:

  • Click on Update Contact Information
  • Click on Cancel to return to the My Dashboard or,
  • Enter your Email and contact phone number
  • Click Update to confirm the changes
  • StudentTranscripts will display a message advising you to log into your email to confirm the change. If not confirmed 24 hours, your old e-mail address will continue to be valid.
  • When complete click Back to My Dashboard or,
  • Log Off

11.3 View my Order Activity

From My Dashboard:

  • Click on View Your Order Activity
  • The system displays a list of your order history including the:
    • Date your order was placed
    • Order number
    • Amount of your order: the total cost by type and,
    • Status of your order
  • Click on the Order number to view the order details including the:
    • Order number
    • Date your order was placed
    • Status of your order
    • The recipient you sent your transcript to
    • The item status
  • Click Back to My Dashboard or
  • Log off