2. Personal Education Number (PEN)

2.1 Definition of PEN

Students entering B.C.’s education system are assigned a Personal Education Number (PEN):  a unique nine-digit number. 

If you attended a B.C. K-12 school since 1993, wrote a provincial exam since 1986 or attended a B.C. Public Post-Secondary Institution since 1998, then you MAY have a PEN.

You use this PEN when accessing provincial exam results or ordering secondary school transcripts.

2.2 Where to find your PEN

You can obtain your PEN using one of the following options:

  • Checking with your current, or recent secondary school
  • The school where you wrote your most recent provincial exam
  • The top right-hand corner of your official Ministry of Education transcript
  • If you attended a B.C. Public Post-Secondary Institution since 1998, you may have a PEN. To obtain your PEN contact that institution's records department
  • Find other ways to get your PEN

PENs can only be given to:

  • The person assigned the PEN
  • That person’s current or future school (in case of early registrations)
  • That person’s parent or guardian (if the person is under 19 years of age and incapable of consenting to the disclosure)

Under the Freedom of Information and the Protection of Privacy Act, PEN information cannot be given over the phone.

2.3 Steps to order your Transcipt or Certificate online if you do not have a PEN

If you do not have a PEN you can order a transcript online.  You will need to complete an online form then submit it to the Student Certification Branch (SCB) Transcript Administrator. Note: your order will be cancelled by SCB if it is discovered that you do have a PEN.  

The StudentTranscripts system will take you through a series of steps/questions to complete the form.  

1. Step 1: Enter your Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)

  • Note if your date of birth is greater than 1989, you have a PEN and you are required to create an account with the StudentTranscript service to order your transcript or certificate online.  
  • If your date of birth is less than 1989 the system will display the next question

2. Step 2: Did you attend or graduate from a school in B.C. or the Yukon between 1986 and today? 

  • If yes, then you have a PEN and you are required to create an account with the StudentTranscripts service to order your transcript or certificate online.
  • If no, the system will display the next question

3. Step 3: Did you attend or graduate from a school in BC between 1974 and 1985? 

4. Step 4: Did you attend in the University Entrance or Academic-Technical Program prior to 1974?  

  • If yes; click the continue button to order your transcript or certificate
  • If no; then you must contact the district office School District Office to obtain your transcript or certificate 

5. To continue to the order form you must read and consent to the Privacy Notice 

6. Complete the ‘Student and School Information’ sections;

  • First Name: enter your first name (the legal name you used on official secondary school documents )

           Important note: if you do not have a first name you will need to contact to register for the StudentTranscripts service

  • Middle name(s): enter your middle name(s) if you have one 
  • Last name: enter your last name (the legal name you used on official secondary school documents
  • Former Name: if you have one i.e., maiden name 
  • Date of Birth: enter your date of birth: dd/mm/yyyy
  • Email Address: enter an email address that you use; this is how the student transcript administrator will contact you if required
  • Name of Last Secondary School: the name of the last secondary school you attended
  • Your Graduation Year or the Last Year Attended (e.g., 1973): enter the last year you went to secondary school or the year you graduated
  • Last Secondary School Grade Achieved (i.e. 10, 11, 12): enter the last grade you completed 

7. Complete the ‘Documents to Send’ section and check the box next to :

  • Transcript and/or,
  • Certificate

​Note: you can send a transcript or a certificate or both a transcript and certificate. You can change the number of transcripts/certificates going to this address in your shopping cart, before paying for your order.

8. Complete ‘Who do you want to send to?' section:

  • Use the Canadian Address tab to send to a Canadian address.  Use the Other Address tab to send to a U.S. or International Address.  Please check and confirm international mailing addresses for accuracy.
  • Name (Post-Secondary Institution. Employer or 3rd party): enter the name of the school/person/business you are sending the transcript/certificate to
  • Street Address (including the apartment or room number): enter the address you are sending the transcript or certificate i.e., 101-620 Superior Street.  StudentTranscripts uses Canada Post’s address complete for Canadian addresses. Start typing the address and the tool will display addresses that match what you are typing. Click on the address you want and the City, Province and Postal Code will automatically be entered in the form. 

Important Note: If AddressComplete does not display the address you want or you have difficulty with the tool, use the ‘Other Address’ tab to manually enter the address. 

9. Multiple recipients? Click the ‘Send to an Additional Person’ link and complete the fields as above

10. Fees; The system will display the total cost in Canadian dollars for the recipients - remember you can change the quantity in the Shopping Cart!

11. Click continue and the system will display an Order Summary which includes:

  • Request to be Sent To
  • Address
  • Order item - transcript or certificate
  • Quantity ordered and ability to increase or decrease the number
  • Cost and,
  • The ability to Remove an item

12. Confirm the order by clicking the checkbox ‘I have reviewed my order’ this enables the payment options or choose cancel

13. Choose your payment option:

  • Pay Online - enter credit/debit card information, payment is  processed immediately
  • Pay by Cheque or Money Order - orders are processed when your cheque is received and clears the bank (approximately 10 days)

14. If you send a cheque be sure to include your order reference number (found on the order summary)

For more information on payment details click the Delivery and Fees link