Rapid antigen testing kits

Get free rapid antigen testing kits from a pharmacy in your community.

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Last updated: October 4, 2022

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Get your free rapid antigen testing kit

Rapid antigen testing kits are free for everyone. A pharmacy should never ask you to pay for a kit. 

Visit your local pharmacy and ask for your testing kit. Anyone can ask for a kit. You don't have to show ID. 

If you can't go to a pharmacy, a friend or family member can pick up a test kit for you.

Find a pharmacy near you

How to use a test

​A test should only be used by people who develop symptoms of COVID-19 and want to confirm a positive or negative result.

Each kit comes with instructions on how to use the tests. You can also ask the pharmacist if you have questions. 

I tested positive

If you get a positive result, you should:

I tested negative

If you get a negative result, it means that COVID-19 was not detected. If you continue to feel sick or your symptoms get worse, wait at least a day before taking another test.

Self-isolate until your symptoms improve and you feel well enough to return to regular activities.