How to get vaccinated for COVID-19

Getting vaccinated is easy and safe.

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Last updated: June 11, 2021 

Everyone must register with the Get Vaccinated system

Everyone in B.C. must register with the Get Vaccinated provincial registration system once. This includes seniors, Indigenous people and people who are clinically extremely vulnerable who booked dose 1 through their health authority before April 6.

Spread the word and help your friends and family complete their registration, book an appointment and get the vaccine.

Step 1: Register

If you're born in 2009 or earlier (12+) register now.

Youth can get vaccinated by themselves, make plans with friends or ask a parent or trusted adult for help.

When you register, you get a confirmation number. Do not lose the number, you need it to book your vaccination appointment.

Register now

Step 2: Book an appointment

You'll be contacted to book your appointment online or by phone.

Using your confirmation number, you'll select a location, date and time.

I lost my confirmation number

I made a mistake in my registration

I need to cancel or reschedule

Step 3: Get the vaccine

Visit the vaccine clinic to get your vaccine dose.

Use your BC Services Card to view your immunization record online 48 hours after getting vaccinated.

I got dose 1 or 2 in another province or country

I got the AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD vaccine

How to register

You can register yourself or someone else, like a parent or grandparent. We will never ask you for your SIN, driver's licence number or banking and credit card details.

Fastest option: Register online with a Personal Health Number

Register online It takes 2 minutes

To register online, you must provide:

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth 
  • Postal code
  • Personal Health Number
  • An email address that gets checked regularly or a phone number that can receive text messages

Click card to enlarge

Find your Personal Health Number on the back of your B.C. driver's licence, BC Services Card or CareCard. 

Other registration options

We want everyone to get vaccinated, even if you don’t have a Personal Health Number or other documentation. It doesn't matter if you are a Canadian citizen or not. Register even if you have already received dose 1 in another location. All of your information will be kept private and will never be shared with other agencies or parts of government. 

Register by phone

If you don't have a Personal Health Number, you need to register by phone. A Personal Health Number will be created for you.

Call: 1-833-838-2323 | Translators are available

Seven days a week, 7 am to 7 pm (PDT)

Telephone for the Deaf: Dial 711

Register at a Service BC office

You can register in-person at all Service BC offices. 

Office hours vary by location. Check before you go. 

What to expect at the vaccine clinic

We recommend you review information on COVID-19 vaccine safety from HealthlinkBC before your clinic visit. 

Arrive prepared

Get ready for your appointment:

  • You do not need to fast. Be sure to drink water
  • Bring your booking confirmation and photo ID
  • Wear a short-sleeved shirt and a mask. You will be provided a mask if you need one
  • Arrive a few minutes before your scheduled appointment time

You can bring one person with you for support. All clinics are wheelchair accessible.

During the appointment

At the clinic you will:

  • Check-in with your photo ID and booking confirmation
  • Get either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine dose. A choice will not be offered
  • Wait in an observation area after your shot for about 15 minutes

For modesty, you can ask for a private location to get your shot.

You can expect to be at the clinic for 30 to 60 minutes in total. 

After your appointment, review COVID-19 Vaccination Aftercare (PDF, 953KB) from the BCCDC.  

I need help

Call 1-833-838-2323. The call centre team can look-up your number.

Do not register again.

Call 1-833-838-2323. The call centre team can correct the information for you.

Do not register again.

Option 1: Online

Step 1: Cancel your appointment

  • Click on the appointment confirmation link you received by email or text message after booking the appointment
  • Enter the confirmation number and your Personal Health Number
  • Select the option to cancel the appointment
  • You will get a cancellation notice with another confirmation code

Step 2: Book a new appointment

You have 2 options:

  • Immediately reschedule using the reschedule button available on the cancellation confirmation screen
  • Reschedule at a later date using your existing appointment booking link found in your email or text message

Enter the confirmation number and your Personal Health Number, then follow instructions to book another appointment.

You will receive a notice with another confirmation code.

Option 2: By phone

Call 1-833-838-2323. The call centre team can cancel and reschedule your appointment.



I got dose one or two in another province or country

If you got one or two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine in another province or country, you must submit proof of an official vaccination record. It will be entered into the Provincial Immunization Registry

Submit vaccination record