Workplace injury and illness reporting

Last updated: August 25, 2022

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What you need to know

When a workplace injury or illness occurs, supervisors need to complete a WorkSafeBC (WSBC) Employers Report of Injury or Occupational Disease (Form 7).

To comply with legislative requirements, this must be completed either:

  • Within 3 business days of a workplace injury or illness, or
  • Within 3 business days of becoming aware of a workplace injury or illness

The supervisor must also create and retain a First Aid Record for all injuries or illnesses that are reported or treated at the workplace, even if they are not work related.

Using the Safety Incident Reporting Portal (SIRP) to report all workplace injuries or illnesses facilitates compliance with WSBC legislation.

All reports entered using SIRP will create a First Aid Record.

If a Form 7 is required, SIRP will automatically send one to WSBC using the details from your report.

Accessing the safety incident reporting portal (SIRP)

Managers and supervisors across the BC Public Service who have leave or expense approval status can access SIRP.

If you’re signed into the BCGOV network or VPN, you will be logged in automatically. 

Instructional video

Safety incident reporting portal (SIRP) how-to video

This video and its contents are meant for BC Public Service employees. If you have any questions regarding this production or any other, please email the Audio Video Operations team at

More information

If SIRP does not meet your accessibility requirements, please contact the WorkSafeBC Claims Resource at 236-478-1459 to find out how you can report an injury or illness at work.

Once your report is submitted and processed, you will receive a confirmation email with next steps for recording any related absences or completing an accident investigation.

Still have questions?

If you have questions or concerns about submitting a workplace injury or illness report, please email the BC Public Service Agency’s WorkSafeBC Claims Resource or call 236-478-1459.

Information on completing an accident investigation, and a copy of the PSC 38 form, is available on Careers & MyHR at Accident prevention and investigation.

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