Long Term Disability Plan overview for supervisors

As a supervisor, you can offer positive and structured support to your employee on long term disability (LTD) plan benefits to help them eventually return to work successfully.

Stay in Touch

  • Be an effective support for employees on LTD by communicating regularly, letting them know that they’re still considered part of the team

Offer Modified Duties

  • Focus on strengths and contributions and be open to exploring modified duties or schedules. This will open dialogue about ways your employee can take on work gradually when they are able

Support Team

  • As part of a support team, a corporate advisor and an occupational health nurse or injury recovery specialist will help your employee return to work as soon as possible
  • You will continue to play a significant role and have a responsibility to contribute to your employee's recovery. As you explore job modifications for your employee, take the opportunity to demonstrate teamwork, flexibility and innovation

Return to Work Trial

  • This trial period allows your employee to gradually readjust and build up endurance for working again. Typically a modification of duties and/or hours is involved. Look to the corporate advisor and occupational health nurse or injury recovery specialist for advice during this period about appropriate next steps
  • Employees are paid for hours they work during the trial and their LTD benefits are adjusted accordingly. Contact AskMyHR to ensure your employee is paid correctly and on time

End of LTD

When your employee’s claim has ended and they have returned to work, contact AskMyHR for instructions on setting up their regular pay. 

Employees must work six months before they can re-qualify for Short Term Illness and Injury Plan (STIIP) for the same illness/injury. It is important that each absence is reviewed to determine if it qualifies for payment during this period.

In the six months that follow, be sure to review all absences due to illness or injury and report them in the Time and Leave Management System. Ensure that the correct pay code is used for each absence due to illness or injury.

Absences could indicate that the employee is still struggling and is in need of more support from the occupational health nurse.