Short Term Sick Leave Overview for Supervisors

When an employee calls in sick or injured, it’s important to keep the lines of communication open.

Maintain a positive outlook and create opportunities to discuss supporting them in their recovery. Avoid an “all-or-nothing” approach by inviting the employee to comment on what they are capable of doing. Encourage them to return to work by finding modified work options that suit their recovery needs.

When an employee requests short term sick leave

You are responsible for managing routine cases, which typically means you have

  • No concerns about the absence
  • Available information to reasonably support a short absence (less than one month) with a likely return to work
  • No workplace issues or barriers
  • An employee who wants to return to work
  • Temporary modifications to duties or hours that you can accommodate without assistance

Length of Leave

Sick leave is considered to be one continuous leave if the employee has been off for the same illness/injury without returning to work for 15 consecutive scheduled workdays before taking another day for the same illness or injury. 

Sick leave recorded for a three-month period will be flagged for an early intervention and for a return-to-work specialist to follow up. If the leave is expected to be three months or longer, or the situation is complicated, submit an AskMyHR service request for help managing the situation. Write sick leave as the subject.

Doctor’s Certificates

Request a Doctor’s Certificate Form (ST02) if there is not enough information to approve a leave or when the leave is going to be longer than one month. The STIIP explains when a doctor’s certificate can be requested under other circumstances. At least, doctor’s certificates should be obtained monthly or when updated medical information is needed for return to work planning.

Supervisors and managers can order the form by logging in to their office’s account at Once you are logged in, look under Forms. Select or search for Short Term Illness and Injury Plan Doctor’s Certificate (Product #7530951064).